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Innoex technologies Ltd is an innovative extrusion technology company based in Southern China. We manufacture and supply precision 3d filament extrusion line as well as 3D printing filament pla/abs/tpu/peek etc…

Our know-how on precision extrusion technologies can help you optimize your product. Our precision filament extrusion lines could improve your product competitiveness and why it will save you time and money with the right extrusion line supplier.

3d filament

3D Printer Filaments


Exquisite packaging design to meet the customer requirement


Continuous development for the extrusion machine updated

unique technology

Unique design 100% neat winding for the roll filaments


Long after-sales guarantee

3D Filaments Extrusion Line

With the introduction of 3D printers in every area of our lifes, the diversity in filament production is increasing at the same rate. We produce 3d printing filament production lines for different filament raw materials and diameters. Our extruders are suitable to work with most preferred filament materials, PLA and ABS. We are offering filament molds most preferred diameters of 1.75 mm and 3.0 mm.

3d filament