3D Printing Filament Extrusion Line PLA/ABS/TPU

IINNOEX supplies individual pieces of extruder equipment or turnkey extrusion systems. Both standard machines and custom-manufactured 3d printing filament extrusion lines are available. Our filament extrusion line is applied on 3D printing to produce the pla/abs/tpu filaments, it is famous for its steady production rate and stable die head pressure. With such extruders, for example, one can produce tight tolerance 3D printing filament with the line speed of 80-100m/min. We provide customized extrusion training as well.

Features of 3d printing filament extrusion line:

  • Easy material feeding and short transit time.
  • Heating adopts advanced PID temperature control, the accuracy can reach ±1°C.
  • The screw main engine adopts pressure closed-loop control to improve the stability of extrusion pressure
    and the uniformity of filament diameter, so the deviation of filament diameter does not exceed 0.02mm.
  • Specially manufactured screw and barrel to guarantee precision and quality.
  • International brand variable speed control motor to precisely control the screw rotating speed.
  • Adopting Siemens PLC control system and friendly operation interface to easily operate.
  • High kneading / dispersing capacities.
filament extrusion line